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Arura Co.,Ltd.
Established November 8th, 2011
Capital 9,900,000 JPY
Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer Jun Iwatsuki
Address 619-0232 1-17-1, Sakuragaoka, Seika-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto-fu
TEL 0774-71-8833

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 icon-bookmark Consultant to the Japan Arura Tibetan Medical Center

Consultant to the Arura Tibetan Medical Center’s Japanese Branch Office in Qinghai, China. The Arura Tibetan Medical Center is the world’s largest Tibetan medical association with approximately 3000 members and 4000 years of history. It includes the Tibetan Medical Institute, a pharmaceutical company, medical bath center, research institutions and a natural reserve equivalent in area to the Kinki region of Japan. From there, the United States FDA approved Tibetan herbal medicine is developing operations and expanding in different countries around the world. Our activities also include acting as a pipeline to doctors in Japan exploring alternative medicine, the cultivation of herbs indigenous to Tibet and its marketing in Japan, and the organizing of seminars and medical visitation tours to Tibet.

 icon-bookmark Executive Director of the International Wago Medicinal Academy, a General Incorporated Association

As the executive director of the International Wago Medicinal Academy, which consists of approximately 1500 registered members, our aim is to circulate various information and products through medical professionals who have active roles in alternative medicine. The International Wago Medicinal Academy also cooperates with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in troubleshooting the Fukushima nuclear power plant issue.

 icon-bookmark Raising awareness of information and products required for healthy housing

We strive to raise awareness by introducing building materials, products and construction methods that cope with electromagnetic and chemical hypersensitivity. A sales agent of the boric acid-based wood preservative “ECO-BORON”. We specialize in the boric acid treatment of shrines and temples.

 icon-bookmark The designing and developing of organic cosmetics and health foods.

We engage in the development and wholesale trade of organic cosmetics and health foods in cooperation with cosmetic development companies. We aim to develop futuristic and health-conscious products by collaborating with Tibetan medicine, domestic medical institutions and cosmetic development companies.
 icon-book Publications    “ホウ酸で超寿命住宅をつくろう”  Published by Kokorasha