Let's Review Your Oral Health Care -

Contains Only All-Natural Ingredients

BIO PASTE only contains naturally-derived ingredients so that it can be used free of worry in your daily oral care. Its food-grade safety level provides complete peace of mind even when mistakenly swallowed. It does not contain any petroleum-based substances or abrasives and cleans your teeth employing only natural ingredients to maintain good oral health.

The Exceptional Cleansing Abilities of Biominerals

Biominerals are minerals extracted from seawater and plants, and the Biominerals have magnified cleaning effects because of the vibrations on a molecular level. Its high alkalinity value has a pH of over 10 and causes stain particles on teeth to rise, effectively whitening your teeth and removing even the most persistent stains and coloring on teeth from coffee, wine and nicotine tar.

High Reduction of Oxidation that Prevents Bad Breath

BIO PASTE in paste form has a very high Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) of approximately -200mv. As a result, it has the ability to quickly reduce the acidity in the mouth which prevents bad breath. In addition, it also works to prevent cavities by optimizing the balance in the oral environment in which harmful bacteria can reproduce.

Abundant Negative-Electric Charges Prevent Re-adhesion of Stains

The abundance of negative-electric charges which provide the high ORP also coats the surface of the teeth and prevents the re-adhesion of stains. This restricts plaque and tartar from forming and helps maintain good dental health.

As a Mouthwash After a Meal

Not only can BIO PASTE be used as a toothpaste but it can also be effectively used as a mouthwash. Its strong alkalinity immediately “resets” the acidic environment which causes the erosion of tooth enamel that commonly follows a meal.